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Tizen Backend as a Service for Internet of Things

Along with Intel and the Linux Foundation Samsung develops its own mobile operating system called Tizen. Samsung has been successfully produced and sold Android devices around the world for years. Compared to other smartphone manufacturers, Samsung has user based that is much larger. For hardware, Samsung is still winning.


Android devices made by Samsung is used by billion people in the world. It’s not surprising if someone associate Android Smartphone with Samsung Galaxy. Tizen was developed by Samsung to reduce its dependence on Android and Google.

Developers can build application for Tizen in Tizen Mobile Backend App. Even though there are not much Backend Service for Tizen, developers can start develop Tizen application in the platforms that are availble.

Tizen OS, an operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU C Library implementing the Linux API, works on a wide range of devices. Tizen works in most devices we use daily such as smartphones, smartwatches, Blu-ray players, printers, tablets, in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) devices, smart cameras, smart TVs, PCs, and smart home appliances.

It doesn’t only work on smartphone, but also Internet of Things. It connects to devices that we mostly use these days. Which makes it more useful for people to use.

Tizen as an operating system designed to be easy to use by both application developers and embedded system developers. It has implemented interconnectivity between devices. For example is Tizen-based wearable device that is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1 and WiFi connection, it is able to connect to other devices such as smartphones and transmitting user data such as heart rate and pattern of habitual activities. Starting with version 3.0 Tizen Core API provides functions IoTivity, the open source software framework for the development of internet of things projects. In this version, Tizen can be installed on single-board computer such as Raspberry Pi, one of the most popular board for the development of embedded systems and the internet of things.

There are two types of applications in Tizen, web and native. The web application is basically a website that is packed in the form of application. It is built using web technologies such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript. Web application is using Tizen Web Framework to interact with native subsystem.

Web application is using Web API, which became the standard structure of web applications with basic elements. Web API allows developers to build applications using web programming languages. Similar with web applications in general, Tizen Web API consists of index.html file as root application, as well as some directories to store the asset files such as CSS, JavaScript, images and sounds.

Native application development is using C programming language and able to access some native features in more specific details such as camera, GPS, and accelerometer directly. Native API provides a lot of interface with features that are commonly found in mobile devices, as well as optimizing of the limited resources.

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Making Developer Build Mobile Apps Easier and Faster

There are various Mobile Backend as a Service in the world. Developers chose Mobile Backend as a service to build their own mobile apps. As a simple implementation, the developers can build their own mobile application and web apps and easily manage them. One of many Mobile Backend as a Services is Mesosfer.

Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service, a cloud platform made for developers to launch their IoT device and mobile apps. It is not only made for developers who wants to connect their embedded system, but also creating mobile apps.


The features Mesosfer offered to the developers are quite various. Started by creating and managing mobile apps, Mesosfer also allows developers connect their embedded device and iBeacon device. This makes developer can build more than one implementations and still maintain their performance in one platform.

How developers maintain the performance of their apps/device is simply by every features that is provided by Mesosfer Mobile Backend as a Service. With basic feature such as real time experience, Push notification, and elastic private cloud, Mesosfer could make it easier for developer to enhance their product quality

Other features such as Software Development Kit (SDK), Insights analytic, multi platform Backend as a Service can helps developer managing every detail of their apps performance and engaging their user.

For example is App Crash Reporting, This feature will provide developer about errors in thei mobile apps. Prevent more errors happen in the mobile apps. Dynamic database is another example.

Mesosfer is using dynamic database to make developer compiles table and field from every meta data. Dynamic database eases relation between data and data management of database architecture. Mesosfer is the right choice if you are a developer who wants to focus on Internet of Things Project and also managing the apps you create.

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